How Click Through Rates Are Going to Change Your Business Strategy

SEO has been shown to be an effective online marketing strategy



SEO is beneficial to reach users who are actively seeking out your products and services online.

We use SEO to help businesses save money as opposed to using an outbound marketing strategy like cold-calling.

Now that we have established the basics of SEO, let’s dig a little deeper into an important factor that makes SEO valuable.

Click Through Rates

Simply put, the “click-through” is how many times your link is clicked on when it appears on your search engine’s results page.

Your “rate” is a numerical percentage of people who click on your link after seeing it.

The mathematical formula behind the process involves dividing the number of times a link appears on a results page, by the number of times it is clicked.

For example, if the link to your article on the 21 Essential Tools for Entrepreneurs appears two hundred times, and it is clicked on forty times, your click through rate is twenty percent.

As a reminder, Search Engine Optimization improves the success of your CTR by doing three things.

Number One:  Increases Traffic To Your Website

Number Two: Creates Brand Credibility As A Top A Search Result

Number Three: Gives You Access To Current Consumer Data

Click Through Rates have a score that is based on quality keywords and tag lines used in your SEO.  It determines whether or not you maintain your ranking.

A key component is attracting potential consumers with the likelihood that they’ll convert from being leads to subscribers, and purchasers.

Your CTR provides appropriate feedback to evaluate your advertisement’s title, URL, and the Google generated “snippet” to see where there is room for improvement. The more you improve, the better the outcome, and greater chance you will have of a return on your investment. After all, SEO is a major investment of your time, skill, and creativity.

Your CTR’s feedback also shows you the benefits of user engagement. It teaches you how using SEO in conjunction with emotional triggers create impactful headlines. Targeting keywords that appeal to emotions such as anger, happiness, sorrow, disgust, affirmation, joy, and fear are proven to increase click-through rates and conversion rates.

The higher your rates, the more chances you have for users to see your content and associate with your brand, which ultimately increases business growth and profitability.

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