Marketing 101

SEO, CTR, Visibility, Rankings, Organic, Paid vs. Non-Paid, Results… What’s the big deal?

What is marketing?

Why is it important to possess a working knowledge of these terms and their processes? One word. Marketing.

There are more than 72 definitions of the word in business dictionaries. It is commonly misunderstood and misused, yet has the potential to either make or break the influence your brand has in your niche market.

We want you to have a base level understanding of the concept.

Marketing is developing and building relationships with consumers and leads by speaking to their pain points, engaging in their communities, raising awareness of your products and service offerings. It’s conveying the message that you value their needs.

Your brand’s growth through marketing is essentially at your fingertips.

The days of solely depending on a 4 x 10 column in your local newspaper for advertising, are long gone.

Not to say it’s an ineffective marketing tool, because it’s still useful for print media, as there are people who read newspapers. However, by us living in a technologically driven world, there are multiple platforms you can take full advantage of that will provide you with an even greater reach.

Social media is a platform the allows marketing to focus more on the consumer. It extends far beyond a sales tactic. You now have the ability to engage in conversations and gauge feedback with the appropriate channels.

There are apps, software programs, and plugins that provide you with unlimited access to promote content that positions your business to share how you can provide a solution to their problems in an enticing way.

You can take polls, ask questions, create video clips, send messages with 160 characters, use emojis, share across multiple platforms, make infographics, and geotag your location.

Now! You can strategize well, and plan for success yet fail if you haven’t made a conscious effort to develop your brand’s voice. The key to marketing with excellence is motivating your audience with styles and language consistent with the personality of your brand.

Your marketing plan won’t have a benefit if you come across as drab, boring, or uninspiring. The goal again is not to focus on “selling” but helping your consumers live a better life, with what your company has to offer.

Marketing is an incredible opportunity to build and grow your business! Take time today to understand its purpose and use it to the best of your ability as a small business owner.

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